Brand Story

NIKI VODKA® – Pure 47

In 1913 the three monarchs Tsar Nikolaus II, Kaiser Wilhelm II and King George V met in the Berlin Palace. They addressed each other “Niki”, “Willy” and “Georgie” and liked drinking vodka.
In memory of this family and world history – 100 years later – we decided – in memory of the tragic fate of the Russian tsar and his family – to produce a SUPER PREMIUM VODKA – our NIKI VODKA®.
This 47-times distilled SUPER PREMIUM VODKA – Pure 47 from the time-honored distillery of the Burgenstadt Schlitz – one of the oldest distilleries in the world since 1585 – unites regionally particularly starchy wheat and pure spring water with master craftsmanship. NIKI VODKA® unites the spirit of Russia and the progress of the German distillery craft – NIKI VODKA® – Pure 47.